IV Sedation

Safe administration of sedation requires proper training, patient selection, strict protocols, and the proper monitoring devices. Our office uses the following monitors and equipment on all sedation cases.


      • Pulse oximeter: measures the oxygen saturation in the blood
      • Automatic blood pressure cuff set at regular intervals: measures blood pressure
      • EKG monitoring: measures heart rate and rhythm.
      • Oxygen administered through a nasal canula
      • Intravenous access to deliver fluids and pharmacologic agents

Sedation is often necessary for oral surgical procedures. Dr. Logue will make the determination of the type of sedation that is indicated. We provide safe and effective anesthesia services through intravenous (IV) sedation and general anesthesia.


Dr. Logue holds a General Anesthesia Permit through the State of Florida and is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified. The office is equipped with sophisticated monitoring equipment. A surgical team member is dedicated to monitoring the patient throughout the surgery. The patient will be relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

Pre-Operative Instructions for IV Sedation

DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING FOR AT LEAST 8 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SURGERY APPOINTMENT. It is imperative that you have an empty stomach at the time of your surgery.


You must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for escorting you home and caring for you after surgery. You cannot drive yourself because our medication will alter your judgement for several hours afterwards and could lead to injuries to yourself and to others. Your escort must be present in the office during your surgery.


Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, preferable with a short-sleeved blouse/shirt or a loose sleeve that can be rolled up the arm to help us in taking your blood pressure and in giving you intravenous medications.


If you take any medication daily please continue to do so (blood pressure medication, heart pills, etc.).


Please remove contact lenses prior to your appointment.


You will be given verbal and written instructions to follow after your surgery appointment.


Be sure to have any prescriptions that were given to you prior to surgery filled at the pharmacy in advance of your surgery appointment and bring them with you on the day of surgery.


If any prepayment of fees is required, you will be asked to do this prior to being sedated.


After surgery with sedation and while taking any narcotic pain medications, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE A CAR OR OPERATE MACHINERY, TRANSACT BUSINESS OR DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.


If you have any questions about your treatment please remember to have them answered before your treatment begins, or please call Dr. Logue’s office

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